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Want to find our products in your local store?

Below is a list of the fine stores that carry our products. We are sorry if we left anyone out but because we work with a number of distributors there may be stores that are picking up our products that we don't know about. If you are interested in carrying our products or currently are and want to be added to the list, drop us an e-mail and we will take care of it right away. If you would like your favorite store to pick up our product line, contact us or the store directly to place a request.

Whole Foods
Fred Meyer
Quality Food Centers (QFC)
Puget Consumer Coop
Town & Country/Central Markets
Madison Market
Food Pavilion/Cost Cutter
Earth Fare
Orchards Market
Nature's RX
Keils Food Store
Outpost Natural Foods Co-op
Green Street Market
Debra's Natural Gourmet
Roots Market
Essene Market & Cafe
The Mushroom Cap
Mother's Markets
Vitamin Cottages
Farm Fresh
Papa Joe's Gourmet Markets
Diamond Organics
Gold Mine Organics