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In the kingdom of mushrooms, the true morel is the crown jewel. This rare mushroom is sought by cooking and mushroom connoisseurs alike. The morel mushroom grows in areas recently disturbed by forest fires and floods, making it very difficult to find. The morel mushroom is a delicacy and one to be savored. The mushroom itself has a honeycomb-like design and unlike the false morel, the true morel's cap is connected to the stem.

The morel mushroom holds a bold smoky flavor which no other mushroom can match. Add to any dish and enjoy the rich flavor of the morel mushroom. FungusAmongUs searches for the greatest quality mushrooms and offer them in bulk to keep around all year long. These morel mushrooms are great for restaurants and retail, as well as gourmet dishes at home.

The rare delicacy of the morel mushroom can be enjoyed by everyone. Sold in bulk in a four-ounce bag, these mushrooms are a wonderful choice in pastas and potato dishes. One of our favorite ways to use morel mushrooms is in a sour cream stroganoff sauce and pouring over noodles or rice. No matter how these mushrooms are used, the morel is one-of-a-kind.

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True morel mushrooms, premium dried

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Perfect for restaurants and other retail

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