Organic Shiitake Mushroom Kibble 8 Ounces

Bulk Organic Shiitake Mushrooms Kibble - 8 oz

5.00 stars, based on 4 reviews
Our second most popular mushroom, Shiitake, is one of the most versatile mushrooms in the kitchen.Our organic dried shiitake mushrooms come packaged in bulk and in a kibbled form to save busy cooks from spending too much time chopping up...


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Delicious and cooks fast

Love these little kibble pieces of shiitake. Easy to throw them into soup or stew, they impart a good flavor. For meat loaves or broth, I use shiitake powder instead, which also gives a wonderful flavor. A half pound winds up to being a lot of mushroom, but I have a feeling I'll be ordering this again soon.

Mushroom croutons!

So easy to add a sprinkle to just about any pot of stew, incredible in mushroom soup! Perfectly sized kibbles of flavor with no slicing or soaking.


Jeff Griffin
I really like the kibbled shitaki mushrooms. Easy to rehydruate and cook with. Takes very good.


Easy to add to soups and stews even pasta.

Great flavor and great value.
Reviews 1-4 of 4