Organic Mushroom Medley Eight Ounces

Bulk Organic Mushroom Medley - 8 oz

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This wonderfully tasty treat holds a variety of most of our organic dried mushrooms - Porcini, Shiitake, Maitake, Crimini, and Oyster. This Mushroom Medley offers a taste of our finest mushroom types and is perfect for creating special dishes. This...


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Delicious and easy peasy.

Wonderful! I rehydrated and then added to instant pot recipe. Mushrooms were tender and flavorful. I'm excited to use them again and again.

Delicious gravy

Sue K
Received in time for turkey dinner, used the mushroom Medley and the juices from the turkey, made an excellent gravy. My family loved it!

Look Good

Home Cook
New England
The mushrooms look fine and I have not used them yet. I am concerned about the notation that they may contain items from Serbia and China as well as the USA. They are certified as organic and while I have not been to Serbia I have been to China and believe me if it comes from China you don't want to eat it! Farmers there are the lowest paid individuals so can you guess what they use for fertilizer? Any animal manure and yes Human Too.

Make an excellent soup!

I used the mushroom medley to make mushroom soup. Very nice variety in the soup giving it different textures and flavors. Would definitely buy again.

phantastic shrooms

fungi fit for feasting Oh!
Reviews 1-5 of 5