Our best-selling organic dried Porcini provides a distinct bold flavor!

Bulk Porcini Bits and Pieces - 12 oz

4.67 stars, based on 3 reviews
Our best-selling dried Porcini mushrooms provide a distinct bold flavor that fills the room and is available in this 12-ounce jar. Porcini is great for creating bold flavored dishes especially soups and gravies. The Porcini is particularly sought...


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Bulk Porcini bits an pieces

Chris C
I hat canned mushrooms and this gives me such a wonderful alternative! I am so glad I found your company AND the mushrooms!

Great flavor and price, decent amount of grit!

David L.
Chicago, IL
Great product and the price is right. I will note that there is a fair amount of grit/hard particles mixed in, but this is to be expected I suppose!


So good!

Great flavor, versatility, and it is quick cooking, too. I use mushrooms so much more often since I bought these. Also, an excellent price. Very pleased with this.
Reviews 1-3 of 3